This Week in Geopolitics

This Week in Geopolitics

Every week, Clay and Andrew from Global Guessing join Ross from AR Global Security to discuss the biggest geopolitical stories of the week.

7/04/21 — Guest: Michael Hilliard | Afghanistan, Tigray, Future of Russian Geopolitics, and the Decline of the West?

Andrew, Clay, and Ross are joined by Michael Hilliard, creator of the geopolitical analysis podcast The Redline Podcast, to recap this week’s biggest geopolitical stories, including recent events surrounding the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the situation in Tigray. The group also discussed the future of Russian geopolitics over the next decade and debated whether the West is currently in decline while the East is on the rise. At the end of ...

5/23/21 — Israel-Palestine Ceasefire, US Waives Nord Stream 2 Sanctions, Ceuta Border Stormed

Clay and Ross are alone this week with Andrew out of town. In this week's episode, we discussed the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, the US' decision to waive sanctions on the Russo-German Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and the Spanish border at Ceuta being stormed and its implications for the future of borders.

5/16/21 — Israel-Palestine Violence, Saudi Arabia's Diplomatic Overtures, Colonial Pipeline Attack

This week we discuss the recent escalation in violence between Israel and Gaza, Saudi Arabia's recent talks with Iran and Turkey, and the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack against the United States allegedly by Russian hackers.

5/9/21 — Colombia Protests, US Afghanistan Withdrawal, UK-France Fishing Dispute

This week we discuss the recent Colombian protests against taxes, corruption, and health care reform, the United States' withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the Channel Islands fishing dispute between the United Kingdom and France.

5/2/21 — India COVID Response, Russia-Ukraine, Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan Border Clashes

Welcome to the first "This Week In Geopolitics" Weekly Podcast Episode. The new ARGS-Global Guessing Podcast gets off to an enjoyable, informative, yet rocky start. In this episode we discuss some of this week's geopolitical events, focusing on India's COVID Response and its geopolitical implications, Russia-Ukraine tensions & Thursday's Tajik-Kyrgz border clashes.